Review for XVideoServiceThief APK Free Download

XVideoServiceThief APK Free Download
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Ever wondered how to watch your favorite gameplay, podcast, or other types of videos on your mobile device without using your data?

This is where the XVideoServiceThief APK free download comes to mind, as it has been a popular choice for many years.

XVideoServiceThief is a free tool that enables you to download different types of videos from your favorite website like YouTube, GameSpot, and other video hosting platforms, so that you can view them at a later time at your leisure.

This article will show you where to download it and how to install it onto your device.

Where Can I Get the XVideoServiceThief APK Free Download?

You can download the file from APK.Tools.

Finding an XVideoServiceThief download is pretty straightforward but in order to view it on your mobile device, more specifically an android device, you need to download an APK file, which is an Android Package file, to then be able to install the app on your phone.

XVideoServiceThief is not available on Google Play Store, so this is why we need to get it from a third-party website.

Note: You will need an APK Installer app to be able to install it on your phone. There are several available on Google Play Store.

Can I Watch Videos Offline on my PC or Mac?

Yes, you can also get the PC version of the XVideoServiceThief, which is also free to download.

Plus, the PC version is easier to find online, you can simply visit its official website here: or click on this direct download link from The file is in MSI(Microsoft Installer) format.

If you want to Mac version, you can use this link (Mac Version). This one will be in a DMG(Apple Disk Image) format.

As of 2022, the latest version available of xVST is 2.5.1, which hasn’t changed since January 2013, which is a year short of being ten years old.

You can also download XVideoServiceThief if you are running under the Linux OS. You can find the link on their main website.

How to Install XVideoServiceThief?

Once you have downloaded the program from one of the given links. You have to do the following:

For Mobile

Before downloading, you may be warned about proceeding as it says it could harm your device. Click OK.

Note: If it is not already done, you may be asked to enable downloads from unknown sources from your security settings. You can proceed in doing so, but we encourage you to disable the setting after downloading the file.

Once done, you are asked to open the file. After clicking Open, you select the APK installing tool that you should have previously installed.

You are then prompted to Install or Cancel. Click on Install.

When completed, you should be able to see the XVideoServiceThief app on your phone.

You can now open it and follow the instructions.

For Computer (PC or Mac)

Whether you downloaded the PC or Mac version, or even Linux, simply follow the setup wizard, by selecting the desired program location and clicking Install and it is done. Easy-peasy.

How Does XVideoServiceThief Work?

Here is a brief description of how it works on both mobile and computer:

On the Mobile App

You would simply need to follow the onscreen step-by-step instructions.

They would eventually have you find and install an app called Emus4U and allow unknown resources to run on your phone.

Note: Emus4U is a third-party app and cannot be found in your device’s app store.

This is a risky procedure as you don’t know what harm could be done by allowing this.

We do not encourage you into doing this. If you do, you will do so at your own risk.

On the Computer

The interface is pretty simple and easy to navigate.

You click on Add Video and paste your video’s URL, the application should recognize the video platform from which the URL is from.

The URL should appear in the main window and you can add as many as you want.

You will then need the press the Start Download to get things started.

Screenshot of the xVST user interface for PC
xVST User Interface


We are sorry to say, but for both mobile and PC the XVideoServiceThief does NOT live up to the expectation.

Needless to say, the mobile app seems very tedious and shady. After testing, we were not able to get to it work.

As for the computer version, whichever URL was used, it gave an error message saying Invalid URL, even though it was previously verified and valid. We could simply not get it to download any content.

We thought that perhaps xVST is quite old and does not run on Windows 10, so we had it running in compatibility mode under Windows Vista, but could not get it to work that way either.

We have been looking up for more information, troubleshooting tips, and support but to no avail.

This was quite disappointing given its popularity.

Perhaps a bit more fiddling would eventually get it to work, but it is supposed to be a quick and easy tool to download video content and for that reason, it is a hard PASS.

Final Thoughts

Although we do not encourage using XVideoServiceThief as it does not work with the latest OS and the software itself is dated, almost a decade old.

Luckily, there are other options available on the Google Play store, some with millions of users/downloads with high star ratings.

For PC or Mac, you can easily find programs or plugins for your web browser that will help download your favorite video game, gameplay, or podcast videos onto your hard drive. You simply need to look for Video Downloader and pick your favorite.

Note: If your main goal is saving on data usage on your mobile phone, then you want to make sure you are using WiFi while downloading your videos.

So download away enjoy those vids and remember to game on.

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Review for XVideoServiceThief APK Free Download

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